People often create and recall memories in social settings. Yet, the past 100 years of cognitive research has mainly focused on memory at the individual level. Our aim is to understand how social influences shape memory and learning. The Social Memory and Cognition Lab focuses on addressing empirical and theoretical questions about the nature and influences of social memory. This research addresses several questions about (1) how memory propagates among social connections and the consequences of such memory contagion, (2) the indirect influence on our memories of people in our social networks whom we have never met, (3) sharing of emotional memories in social groups, (4) changes in out memory representations as a result of reminiscing with others, (5) social memory and aging, (6) effects of social and non-social scaffolding on learning and using general knowledge, and (7) the emergence of collective memory. Our research has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, National Science Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, a Google Faculty Research Award, and most recently, a 2022 Guggenheim Fellowship

See below for various research themes that are being pursued by our lab.