Culture & Cognition Pre-Conference

Culture & Cognition Pre-Conference

Third Annual Culture and Cognition Pre-conference of the Psychonomics Society




Thursday November 4, 2021

Fully Virtual

Invited Talks

Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan

Culture, self, and the brain: The gray matter volume of scene processing regions varies
by culture and selfconstrual

Tanya Broesch, Simon Fraser University


William W. Dressler, The University of Alabama

Culture and the Individual: A Model

Thomas Talhelm, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

When China randomly assigned people to farm rice or wheat, it changed their thought style

Audrey Duarte, University of Texas at Austin

Interactions between psychosocial and sociodemographic factors in sleepmemory associations


Invited Talks: 9:00 am – 10:55am (CDT)
Panel Discussion: 11:10 am -12:15 pm (CDT)

Panel Discussion

How we define culture in scientific inquiry
Featuring Tanya Broesch, William W. Dressler, Audrey Duarte, Shinobu Kitayama, Thomas Talhelm, and Qi Wang.

Please check the website of Psychonomic Society for more information about the 2021 Annual Meeting. 

Founded and Organized by:

  • Suparna Rajaram, Stony Brook University

  • Angela Gutchess, Brandeis University

Student Organizers:

  • Tori Peña, Stony Brook University

  • Krystal Leger, Brandeis University

This meeting is made possible through support from the Psychonomic Society.